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I had a great experience working with Matt and his team. He was very professional and very knowledgeable, he can give you details for the best loan to suit your needs. Simple and straight to the point. They did an awesome job and I highly recommended them to anyone.

Kateryna M.


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Matt and his team were very helpful, I'm glad I had them.

Leshly S.

We couldn't have asked for more from Matt and his assistants, they went above and beyond what we needed and were there for us at every turn. They are very helpful and if you call them, they are more than happy to assist you. Very professional on what they do. Even though we are living in Hawaii right now, they still go out of their way to help us get a home in Las Vegas. Very committed to helping others and the work they do. We would highly recommend Matt and his team to anyone looking to purchase a home. Thank you very much for helping us achieve our dream.

Carlo Jay M.

All people in Cardinal Financial that we've communicated with were very professional, knowledgeable, always with the attitude of help and support, and very polite. They help us in all this process of buying our home. We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet Matt and all his crew.

Tonia T.

Matt and his assistant were an amazing team they did more than we could’ve hoped for they went above and beyond what we needed and were there at every step we would definitely recommend Matt and his team to anyone when buying a house.

Jason and Jamie C.