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From a loan volume standpoint, 2019 and 2020 were amazing but also frustrating.  It was frustrating because my team and I were not capable of servicing the increase in demand for a mortgage and maintain a high level of customer service.  Last year I made the move to Cardinal Financial for the sole purpose of improving the customer experience during the home buying and loan process.  The technology at Cardinal allows my team and I to help more clients and maintain a high level of customer service. 

The end-result is worth the move and the efforts made to improve the customer service experience.  Below are some statistics for 2022 year to date.  

Turn Times

Customer reviews below are over the past 120 days and are some of the kindest reviews and compliments my team and I have ever been given:

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For realtors, As your lender partner, I provide you with access to Homebot, List Reports and Rate Plug.

Click here for List Reports Link (helps you provide great material for your clients’ listings etc)

Click here for the Homebot Link (great informative monthly email to your clients to help monitor their home value, equity based on their mortgage.  We can upload your data base and clients will message you with periodical questions about their home)

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Appraisal Management Company

Appraisals2u is by far the best AMC I have ever worked with in my 24 years in the industry.  The panel is built with the most talented appraisers in Las Vegas and managed by a local longtime appraiser (Valerie Favreau) who knows the county as well as any appraiser. 

Pre-Underwritten Approvals

The accuracy of our loan approval letters was a key initiative to improve the customer experience.  Collect more documents, vet the file more thoroughly so the borrower can enjoy the experience of buying their new home and not stress over the loan process.  I have worked with the same regional underwriter dating back to 2 prior mortgage companies, a span of over 8 years.  My pre-approval rate to funding percentage is greater than 99.5%. 

It’s the little things

I hand write a thank you card to anyone that applies with me for a mortgage.  It is important to me that they know I don’t take their trust in me lightly. We send all our clients a cookie bouquet shortly after closing.  Something to snack on and help get through the emotions and rigors of unpacking, sweating, painting, assembling furniture and all the different emotions that come with moving!

We send a special little thank you gift around Thanksgiving and Summer.  I want our clients to know long after they closed with us that we will always value their faith in us to help them with their home loan and they can trust referring us to their friends, family members and co-workers. 


Since 2017 I have ranked in the nation’s top 1% of loan originators by volume.  In my 24-year career of mortgage lending I have helped thousands of clients secure over 1 billion dollars in home loan volume.  I point this out only to highlight that I have the experience necessary to advocate for your loan application and structure the loan properly to ensure a successful funding.  I have also had the pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing realtors and often can be helpful in getting your offers accepted simply by having a familiarity with the listing agent.